UCLA GSEIS faculty and leadership have reaffirmed their commitment to public education.


“This is the University of California … the University of this state.  It must be adapted to this people … to their peculiar geographic position, to the requirements of the new society and their undeveloped resources.  It is not the foundation of an ecclesiastical body nor of private individuals.  It is ‘of the people and for the people’—not in any low or unworthy sense, but in the highest and noblest relations to their intellectual and moral well-being.  … It opens the door of superior education to all.”

University of California President Daniel Coit Gilman,

Inaugural Address, November 7, 1872.


One hundred and forty four years after our university’s founding, we the faculty of UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies reaffirm our commitment to public education in Los Angeles and beyond. We believe in a system of education characterized by public funding, democratic governance, and equality of opportunity.  In this time of growing inequality, great public schools are more essential than ever.  We pledge to work for inclusive, equitable, and culturally responsive public schools that open “the door of superior education to all.”