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Financial Aid

An excellent resource for overall fellowship and financial aid information can be found by going to the Graduate Division.

You will find answers to questions about the types of awards available, special fellowships, and how to apply. Here is an overview:

  • A Fellowship is a merit-based award, which is always allocated by individual Departments in such a way so as to pay your fees first. Any remainder is allocated to you as a stipend, usually in the fall quarter. Many students are at least partially funded in their first year through this type of support, and many are funded in subsequent years.
  • Financial Aid is need-based support, and is administered through the Financial Aid Office at UCLA. Most Graduate Students are eligible for certain types of government loans. International students are not eligible for this type of funding.
  • Academic Appointments are also possible sources of financial support for Graduate students. Most will pay 40-80% of your fees as well as an hourly wage. Students may work 25% time (10 hours a week) or 50% time (20 hours a week). These positions include Graduate Student Researcher, Teaching Assistant, and Special Readers. Once you have been admitted to the program, it is a good idea to speak with your advisor about possible academic positions.
  • Special Scholarships and Fellowships are also a possible means of support. In your application packet (either paper or net versions) is a separate application for these scholarships. It is a good idea to complete and submit these applications as part of your overall application packet. The Department nominates candidates from those who submit applications. The final decisions are made by faculty from many different UCLA departments.

Applying for Funding: If an applicant is admitted to UCLA, they will receive a packet of information regarding how to apply for federal financial aid. Fellowships, on the other hand, will be awarded during the admission process by the faculty in a student’s area of study. Admitted applicants should speak with their advisor about academic appointments.

Be sure to also check various websites for extramural funding.  Teacher Education Program applicants may visit the website, Teaching Scholarships.

If you have any questions or concerns about financial aid, please contact the financial aid office (310-206-0400). If your questions are about other types of funding discussed above, please contact Amy Gershon in the Office of Student Services at (310) 206-1685.

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