Jose-Felipe Martinez
Moore Hall 2019B
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90095-1521

P: (310) 794-1853

Jose-Felipe Martinez

Associate Professor

Other Positions

  • Associate Editor of Educational Assessment


Ph.D., Education, UCLA, 2004

Teaching & Research Interests

Research interests include educational measurement and quantitative methods applied to educational assessment systems and program evaluation.


  • ED200B: Survey Research Methods in Education.
  • ED211A: Educational and Psychological Measurement: Theory and Practice.
  • ED230C: Linear Models in Social Science Research: Analysis of Designed Experiments.
  • ED255C: Issues in the Measurement of Practice and Implementation
  • ED299C: Research Practicum

Select Publications

Martinez, J. F., Schweig, J., & Goldschmidt, P. (2016) Approaches for Combining Multiple Measures of Teacher Performance:  Reliability, Validity, and Implications for Evaluation Policy. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, DOI: 10.3102/0162373716666166

Martinez, J. F., Taut, S., & Schaff, K. (2016)  Classroom observation for evaluating and improving teaching: An international perspective. Studies in Educational Evaluation. 49,15-29.

Stuhlman, M., Downer, J., Schweig, J., & Martinez, J. F. (2015) Measuring effective teacher-student interactions from a student perspective: A multi-level analysis. Journal of Early Adolescence Research, 35 (5-6),

Martinez, J. F. (2014). Performance Evaluation Systems. In Dominic Brewer and Lawrence Picus (Eds), Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance

Martinez, J. F., Santibanez, L., & Servan, E. (2013). Exploring the Links Between Educational Opportunity and Immigration in Mexico: Exploring the Individual and Systemic Relationships. Teachers College Record, 115(10), 10.

Correnti, R., & Martinez J. F. (2012). Conceptual and Methodological Issues in the Study of Teaching: Implications for Improving Instruction at Scale. Educational Assessment, 17:2-3, 51-61.

Martinez, J.F. (2012) Consequences of omitting the classroom in multilevel models of schooling: An illustration using the effects of opportunity to learn on reading achievement. School Effectiveness and School Improvement

Martínez, J.F, Borko, H; and Stecher, B. (2011) Measuring instructional practices in middle school science using classroom artifacts. Journal for Research in Science Teaching 41(1) pp. 38-67.  DOI 10.1002/tea.20447

Martinez, J.F. (2011) La evaluación docente en Chile: Perspectivas sobre validez [Teacher Evaluation in Chile: Perspectives on Validity”. In “La Evaluación Docente en Chile” Jorge Manzi and Yulan Sun (Eds.) MIDE, Universidad Catolica de Chile. Santiago.

Goldschmidt, P., Choi, K., Martínez, J.F., and Novak, J. (2010) Using growth models to monitor school performance: comparing the effect of the metric and the assessment. School Effectiveness and School Improvement , 21: 3, 337 — 357.

Martínez, J.F; Stecher, B; and Borko, H. (2009)  Classroom Assessment Practices and Teacher Judgments of Student Achievement in Mathematics: Evidence from the ECLS.  Educational Assessment. 14:2 78-102