Kathy Carbone

Kathy Carbone

Kathy Carbone

Postdoctoral Scholar, IS Lecturer


  • Ph.D., Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
  • MLIS, Academic Librarianship, Kent State University
  • MA, Modern Dance and Music, Ohio University
  • BFA, Modern Dance, Ohio University

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Contemporary art practice and archives
  • Documenting and archiving performance
  • Archives and human rights
  • Forced migration, art, and memory
  • Participatory archiving
  • Digital community archives

Carbone’s interests broadly focus on intersections between archives, contemporary art, and activism, with particular emphasis on documenting and preserving art practice driven by human rights and social justice agendas and using archives as strategies and tools for expressive resistance and community building.

Select Publications

Carbone, Kathy. “Archival Art: Memory Practices, Interventions, and Productions.” Curator: The Museum Journal 63, no.2 (2020): 257-263.

Carbone, Kathy. “A Collection and its Many Relations and Contexts: Constructing an Object Biography of the Police Historical/Archival Investigative Files.” Journal of Documentation 76, no.3 (2020): 753-767.

Gilliland, Anne J. and Kathy Carbone. “An Analysis of Warrant for Rights in Records for Refugees.” The International Journal of Human Rights 24, no.4 (2020):483-508.

Carbone, Kathy. “Surveillance to Art: ‘Flipping Around the Paranoia,’” in “Information/Control: Control in the Age of Post-Truth,” eds. James Lowry, Stacy E. Wood, and Andrew J. Lau. Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies 2, no. 2 (2019).

Carbone, Kathy Michelle. “Artists and Records: Moving History and Memory. Archives and Records 38, no. 1 (2017) ): 100-118.

Carbone, Kathy. “Artists in the Archive: An Exploratory Study of the Artist-in-Residence Program at the City of Portland Archives & Records Center.” Archivaria 79 (Spring 2015): 27-52.

Carbone is also the project director and a co-founder of and the archivist for The Amplification Project: Digital Archive for Forced Migration, Contemporary Art, and Action. (theamplificationproject.com)