The undergraduate major in Education and Social Transformation prepares students to analyze current issues in education through a social justice lens and to emerge as effective advocates for positive change. Students interested in pursuing the major in Education and Social Transformation must complete the required lower- and upper-division courses. The major includes 10 lower-division units and a minimum of 40 upper-division units (approximately 9–10 upper-division courses).


PLEASE NOTE: Effective Fall 2021, Education undergraduate courses will be renumbered. Please see Course Renumbering for new course numbers.



Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education:

Rashmita Mistry

Academic Director for Undergraduate Programs:

Mitsue Yokota

Undergraduate Advisors (Please contact via MyUCLA Messaging Center. See “Contact” section below): Elaine Dolalas, Vanessa Hermoso & Martin Quiroz


Program Learning Outcomes



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Community Engagement Courses


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