Students interested in pursuing the major in Education and Social Transformation must complete the required lower- and upper-division courses. The major includes 10 lower-division units and 40 upper-division units (at least 9 upper-division courses).

Please note: Effective Fall 2021, course numbers changed. Please visit here for reference.

Core Lower-Division Courses

Two lower-division courses (EDUC 10 or EDUC 11 and EDUC 35) must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of “C” or better.

Upper-Division Courses

Required: 9-10 upper-division courses for a minimum of 40 units distributed as follows:

(1) Two (2) courses from each of the following three Areas of Competency

Histories and Philosophies of Education

  • Education 100 through 119

Contexts of Teaching, Learning, and Development

  • Education 120 through 149

Inquiry and Design for Learning

  • Education 150 through 169

(2) At least one (1) additional course in Education, which may come from any of the Areas of Competency or from courses designated as “Electives” (Community Engagement and Social Change 130, Education 170 through 179)

(3) Education 180 [Must be taken prior to any community engagement course]

(4) One community engagement course selected from Education M104, M129XP, 130AX, 130BX, 130CX, M131A, M131B, M131C, 159, 171, 176, 195, or 195CE (this course may also be applied toward an area of competency). Students must complete Education 180 prior to taking a community engagement course.

(5) Capstone course: Education 181. Students must complete five out of the six courses from the areas of competency and complete the community engagement course requirement before enrolling in the capstone course.

Other Related Policies

Each course must be at least 4 units and taken for a letter grade. The upper-division Education courses must be completed with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0.