Education Studies Minor

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the Education Studies Minor at UCLA?

The Education Studies Minor focuses on the many professional research issues confronting educators.  The goal is to provide upper-division undergraduates of any major the opportunity to develop their understanding of current educational practices and the complex interactions among the legal, social, political, and economic forces that influence and shape educational policies in America, to consider options for a career in education, and to become better consumers of educational services as parents, taxpayers, and citizens.


• When should I apply to the Minor?

You should apply as soon as you know the Education Minor is something you would like to do and will be able to complete. You can apply during your sophomore, junior or senior year.

A completed Education course (core or elective) is required before you apply to the Minor. Please see the list of approved courses for the Minor.


• How do I apply to the Minor?

You need to submit an application AND a Degree Progress Report (DPR) or an unofficial transcript to the Office of Student Services (1009 Moore Hall). Applications can be downloaded from the Education Minor website at the beginning of every quarter.


• What happens after I submit my application?

The Advisor will review your application for completeness. A week after the application deadline, you will need to pick up your admissions letter with a Plan of Study, which will have to be submitted back to the Office of Student Services in order to be officially admitted into the Education Minor.

A Plan of Study is a form in which you list the courses taken for the Minor, courses in progress, and courses you are going to take to complete the requirements.


• Can I take my education courses in any order?

Yes, you may take your courses in any order.


• How do I enroll in courses for the Minor?

As an Education Minor student, you can enroll in any Education courses during Second Pass as soon as you get your enrollment appointment.

If you are NOT an Education Minor student and would like to take Education Studies Minor courses, you will have to wait until the restriction is lifted after the second pass for juniors. The restriction lift date is posted on the website every quarter.


• How do I know if a course is approved for the Education Minor?

Students who were admitted into the Education Studies Minor prior to Fall 2020 are required to complete 4 core courses and 3 elective courses.  Please review the list of approved courses: Education Studies Minor Checklist (Revised Spring 2019)

Effective Fall 2020, students who entered the Education Studies Minor may choose to complete 7 upper-division Education courses or 1 lower-division course and 6 upper-division courses.  Students should reference this Education Studies Minor Checklist (Effective Fall 2020) for approved courses.


• I am taking a course in another department that is not on the Education Minor approved list of courses and the course covers education.  Can I use it as an elective for the Minor?

No, you may not use a course in another department as an elective for the Education Minor unless it is cross-listed in the Education department.


• How will the Education Minor be awarded?

The Minor in Education will appear on your diploma and transcripts 2-3 months after you graduate.


• What happens if I apply to the Minor, but then I cannot complete the requirements?

Prior to applying, students should make sure they will be able to complete all the requirements by the time they graduate, but if for some reason they are not able to complete the requirements once they are already in the program, they can drop the Minor.

Nothing will show on your transcript until the Minor is completed.