Educational Leadership Program Experts with K-16+ areas of expertise.

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ELP Experts

Dr. Matt Albert

school management, charter schools, budgeting and finance, facilities, board development

Dr. Paul Astin

interdisciplinary programming and the study of epiphenomena (as in Finland), particularly for high schoolers expertise in alternative programs and on the role of applied human ecology (nature connection) in healthy adolescent development

Dr. Rhonda Baldenegro

founding your own school – either from scratch, or expanding from a single-site charter to a small CMO

Dr. Kristen Beall

Community Advocacy, Fund Development, Scholarship Platforms, Cradle to Career Initiatives

Dr. Eric Beam

Educational Psychology Special Education Student Services, Crisis Response and Intervention (Have worked nationally televised crisis events behind the scenes.) All of the above in Charter Schools

Dr. Lindsay Burt

Public school administration, Elementary school administration

Dr. Jonathan Cassie

Getting published, Preparing for a big interview, Podcasting, Gamification

Jonathan Cassie commencement address at Northland Pioneer College

Dr. Pedro Cevallos

Educational entrepreneurship, educational nonprofits, college readiness, intersegmental partnerships

Dr. Michelle Christie

nonprofit, education, fundraising, special needs education and leadership

Dr. Alma Cortes

transitioning from a 4-year to a 2-year college, higher education collaborative advocacy for working with diverse early childhood faculty

Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye

Community College Administration (Associate Dean, Dean, Vice President, Vice Chancellor, or College President) Community College Counseling

Dr. Brad Ermeling

Lesson Study, Systems for Reflective Practice,Video Analysis and Reflection, Principal Coaching, Teacher Collaboration, Facilitation Training, Program Implementation, External Assistance Models, Virtual Coaching

New Book: Teaching Better

Dr. Debra Geller

Student affairs in higher ed, Policy development, 1st Amendment, Title IX, Student conduct, Program development and Assessment, Professional development/resume and interview prep, Fiscal and human resource management (Available for external program review, and for retreat facilitation, also.)

Dr. Linsey Gotanda

K-12 public education counseling, administration, and educational services (district level)

Dr. Robin Gose

science/STEM education, educator professional development, museums, independent schools, service learning, informal education, maker spaces, staff management, organizational culture, leadership through crisis/transition fundraising, non-profit management, budgeting, grant writing

Dr. Deborah Karpman

Higher Education, Women in Stem, Research, Grantwriting

Dr. Alice Lee

Lesson Study, Building Staff Collective Efficacy, Building Staff Culture and Climate, Public School Administration, Elementary Administration, Building a Literacy Culture as Schools

Dr. Gloria Martinez

Improve practice for K-12 teachers & administrators, Professional development strategies, Alignment & Synthesis of Educational Initiatives to improve Student Achievement, Development & Delivery of College/Career Readiness

Dr. Jessica Medrano

Secondary Education – High School English Language Learners/LTELs, 9th Grade Success, Ethnic Studies, Professional Learning Communities/Teacher Collaboration, Parent Engagement, Leadership Development, Women in Leadership, Site Leadership, College/Career Readiness

Dr. Jeff McConaghy

Independent Schools, Starting New Schools, Ed Tech Startups, Outdoor/Experiential Education

Dr. Tom McCoy

Role of a Superintendent, Role of a High School Principal, Role of a Director of Court/Community Schools

Dr. Scott McDowell

Secondary School Administration

Dr. Lynette Merriman

Student Affairs in Higher Education (oversaw 10 different areas during career), Higher Education Leadership, Crisis Support, Response and Management, Campus Support Interventions, Academic Advising

Dr. Lisa Michel

Secondary (grades 6-12), Curriculum/Instruction School leadership, Teacher Evaluations, Mathematics Education [K-12], Professional Development

Dr. Tamara Miller

School Leadership, Curriculum Design, Science Education, STEAM, Gender Studies, K-12 Education, High School Math and Science

Dr. David Miyashiro

Role of Superintendent, leading system-wide transformation

Dr. Eugenia Mora-Flores

Curriculum and instruction, supporting English Language Learners, Pre- K-12 in academic language development. (published 9 titles in this area, the 10th  is on the way!) Private educational consulting business, providing professional development to schools across the country in literacy and language development for English Learners

Dr. Jim Morris

District Leadership / Governance / the Superintendency

Dr. Min Ha T. Ngo

Teaching high school math, using data, and working at a charter school

Dr. Jarvis Pahl

Cultural Proficiency, Learning Communities, Collaborative book writing

Dr. Jack Powazek

Leadership, management, and applied organizational theory

Dr. Steve Richardson

Principal efficacy; principal selection; leading second order change; and developing a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.

Dr. Sherri Rodriguez

Student services programs and opportunities for historically disadvantaged students in the community college

Dr. Marielle Sallo

Educational leadership, edtech, private catholic school, high school admin, math education, secondary school assessment, all girl schools, college prep, 1st gen students

Dr. Kimberly Schwartz

Independent high school curriculum/programming, High school administrative leadership, Jewish education

Dr. Karlo Silbiger

School District Policy / School Board, Teaching in a charter school,   Working in in-district reform, non-profits, College-Going Culture, Unions / Negotiations, Teacher Evaluation Reform

Dr. Tim Tatsui

Data and Analytics, Talent development, Institutional research, Teacher collaboration, Gratitude

Dr. Leora Wolf-Prusan

School system, leadership, and employee wellness; trauma and resilience; school mental health; organizational health; systems of care; school violence prevention, intervention and recovery (including crisis; youth/student engagement

Dr. Mitsue Yokota

Shared governance, accreditation in higher education