Higher Education & Organizational Change

HEOC Student Award Recipients

The Division recognizes the outstanding achievements of its students through two departmental awards. The Philip Neil Clark Award (established by a generous gift by UCLA Professor Emeritus Burton Clark) and the Faculty Award. These awards are granted to HEOC students in recognition of academic excellence and service to the Division. HEOC students in their third year or beyond are eligible for the awards. Nominations are typically solicited in early to mid-October so that Award recipients can be named prior to the annual Dean’s recognition dinner in the fall (usually in early November). An announcement soliciting nominations is sent to the entire HEOC community at least two weeks prior to the HEOC meeting in which awardees are to be selected. Ideally, the recipients of the Clark and Faculty Awards are announced during the Fall Social.

Past recipients of the Clark Award are:
Channel McLewis (2018), Damani Lewis (2017), Joe Ramirez (2016), Sayil Camacho (2015), Carrie Miller (2014), Adriana Ruiz-Alvarado (2013), Marc Johnson (2012), Tiffani Riggers-Piehl & Yen Ling Shek (2011), Lisa Millora (2010), Lorelle Espinosa (2008), Julie Park (2007), Hoi Ning Ngai (2006), Shannon Calderon (2005), June Chang (2004), Amy Fann (2003), Leticia Osegura (2002), Jenny Lee (2001), Jennifer Lindholm (2000), Elaine Kuo (1999), Barbara Tobolowsky (1998), Christine Cress (1997), Anthony Antonio (1996), Anna Ortiz (1995), Octavio Villapando (1994), Jessica Korn (1993), Jeffrey Milem (1991), and Eric Dey (1989)

Past recipients of the Faculty Award are:
Devon Graves (2018), Mike Nguyen & Krystle Cobian (2017), Adrian Huerta & Hillary Zimmerman (2016), Laura Paulson (2015), Bryce Hughes (2014), Juan Garibay & Llanet Martin (2013), Gina Garcia & Hironao Okahana (2012), John Marfield & Christopher Newman (2010), Lucy Arellano & Amy Liu (2009), Chris Collins (2008), Jennifer Curly (2007), Ed Ryan (2006), Erica Yamamura (2005), Victor Saenz & Ellen Stolzenberg (2004), Pam Schuetz & Katalin Szelenyi (2003), Linda DeAngelo (2002), Frank DiCrisi (2001), Michael Smith (2000), Charles Outcalt (1999), Tiffany O’Rourke (1998), Marisol Arredondo (1997), Carol Kozeracki (1996), Marguerite B. Hammarth (1995), Erica Yamasaki (1994), and Linda Sax (1993)