The Department of Education offers a Certificate in Advanced Quantitative Methodology in Educational Research open to all UCLA graduate students.  Through focused quantitative coursework, along with participation in relevant seminars and talks, AQM certificate fellows pursue the in-depth study and applications of statistics (e.g. multilevel data analysis, latent variable modeling), measurement (e.g. item response theory, factor analysis, generalizability theory), or research design (e.g. causal inference, missing data, survey methods). Coursework will be individually determined, and focus on one or more of these areas of quantitative methodology, as relevant to the research interests of the student. The requirements of the certificate include:

i)  Submission of an application form, including a statement of interest.

ii)  Successful completion of six courses from a list of approved courses in advanced quantitative methodology offered by the Department of Education–courses offered by other departments on campus (e.g. statistics, psychology, political science, bio-statistics, sociology) may be substituted with written approval from the Head of the Social Research Methodology Division or an AQM faculty member designated by the Head. Only one class may be taken S/U.

iii)  Engagement in the SRM division. This may consist of two or more of the following:

a) Enrolling in two quarters of a Research Apprenticeship Course (RAC) in SRM of interest to the student.

b) Enrolling in ED243 (Reflections on Methods in Social Science).

c) Attending two SRM Brownbag Talks, seminar or talk events.

iv)  A presentation of original research conducted by the student applying advanced quantitative methods to any area of or problem in education. The presentation may take place in an SRM seminar, or SRM RAC course, or in a departmental research event (e.g. Brownbag, Student R&I conference) as deemed feasible and appropriate by the Head of the Social Research Methodology Division.

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