SRM Evaluation and Assessment Group

SRM Eval Group: Clients

The SRM Evaluation Group has worked with a multiplicity of organizations in various settings and contexts. The following is a non-exhaustive list of clients and programs who have sought out our services.


• UCLA Academic Preparation & Educational Partnerships (APEP)
• UCLA Access Granted
• UCLA Bunche Center for African American Studies
• UCLA Career Based Outreach Programs (CBOP)
• UCLA Center for European and Eurasian Studies
• UCLA Center X
• UCLA Gear Up Project
• UCLA Institute of the Environment (GLOBE in the City)
• UCLA Outreach Program
• UCLA Principal’s Leadership Program

University of California

• UC President’s Office Faith Based Initiatives
• UC System Program: ACCORD

Local Schools and Districts

• Inglewood Unified School District
• LA/Tel Aviv Exchange (Bureau of Jewish Education)
• Long Beach Unified School District
• Los Angeles Unified School District
• Lynwood Unified School District
• San Diego Unified School District


• Community Advocates
• Dramatic Results
• HeArt
• Youth LA


• University of North Carolina / L.A. County