Leadership Academies and Professional Development

Enhancing Professional Expertise through University Scholarship


Our Vision

Professional Development at the Department of Education brings the wealth of university scholarship to the field of practice. It is guided by a continuous search for excellence in the professions through the incorporation of latest research and exemplary teaching bridging the gap between research and practice. It seeks to cultivate leaders and practitioners who are deeply reflective of their craft, who are driven towards excellence and who are unwaveringly guided by a social conscience.


Our Goals

  • To enhance professional practice in the professions by bringing new knowledges and perspectives from university scholarship to the field
  • To uphold standards of best practices in the professions and to contribute towards defining and setting new standards of best practices
  • To cultivate a community of leaders and professionals with strong social bonds and intellectual interests who will contribute to enhancing their fields in multiple ways
  • To encourage the integration of an ethic of social justice and other ethical values in professional practice
  • To sponsor educational intensives, conferences and lecture series to promote excellence in the professions


Our Academies