Personal characteristics and ability to learn from experiences are often more important than any specific training, credentials or degrees. To benefit from a leadership program, an essential quality is being open to learning about yourself and others.

UCLA WSLA seeks to assist participants to investigate their own self-awareness about real issues in K – 12 organizations:

  • to understand their own cognitive and emotional responses to complex dilemmas in K – 12 schooling;
  • to understand how to work with others on these issues; and
  • to understand how to survive and thrive in times of crises.

UCLA WSLA emphasizes community building among program participants and community building by participants in their own organizations.

UCLA WSLA stresses learning between participants with diverse professional experiences in school-related organizations:

  • in public schools;
  • in charter schools;
  • in independent schools; and
  • in other K – 12 organizations.

UCLA WSLA instruction concentrates on learning from

  • instructors who are exceptional educational practitioners whose role is to facilitate learning;
  • keynote speakers who are leaders from education and other relevant professions and who have been successful in dealing with crises in their own organizations; and
  • other participants with leadership experience across various types of schools and educational systems.

UCLA WSLA stresses leadership for social justice.

UCLA WSLA emphasizes women helping other women to build their leadership capacity.