UCLA Transformative Coaching and Leadership Academy

Cultivating Personal and Professional Excellence

A partnership between the UCLA’s Department of Education and UCLA Athletics


“Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” –John Wooden (1910-2010)


Our mission

The mission of the Academy is to transform coaching from an exclusive focus on winning to the cultivation of the total person through sport. The focus is on building a personal foundation, rooted in cherished human virtues and the fulfillment of individual potential in all its richness. Our professional development goals include educating the next generation of coaches who will create the proper conditions for student-athletes to develop as complete individual as well as athletes.

Our values

  • Personal empowerment
  • Access to superior expertise
  • Realizing equity, diversity and inclusion in sport
  • Spirit of inquiry and reflective practice



In early 2021, the Academy will offer a three-day intensive on transformative coaching and leadership with the aim of encouraging more women to enter the coaching profession. Sessions in the intensive will include cultivating the total athlete, principles of coaching and teaching, effective team building, transformative leadership and inspirations from John Wooden’s philosophy of coaching.

The intensive will also include exposure to the latest research, opportunities for networking, and strategies for starting a career in coaching. The Academy will partner with subject matter experts, influencers, and championship coaches for an enriching and inspiring experience. The intensive would be most beneficial to young women (graduating seniors and recent graduates) aspiring for a career in coaching or exploring a career in coaching. For more information or to be added to the waitlist contact Heidi Vitug at transformativecoaching@gseis.ucla.edu.

For further information on the Academy contact Heidi Vitug at transformativecoaching@gseis.ucla.edu

CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS: Transformative Coaching & Leadership Webinars

The Academy is launching a series of webinar dialogues with prominent coaches who share and value principles of transformative coaching and leadership. The dialogues will feature legendary Women’s Softball Coach Sue Enquist interviewing renowned coaches around the country.

August 4th 2020:  Sue Enquist in dialogue with Martin Jarmond


Critical Conversations article in GSE&IS’ Ampersand online magazine