The Graduate Students Association in Education (GSAE) is responsible for student programming of events as well as representation of student issues on committees. There are student representatives on the GSAE Board who collaborate with student representatives to each of the committees.

The GSAE Board and the committee representatives also meet with division representatives who are elected by their divisions in separate elections. The result of this collaboration is a distribution of the GSAE responsibilities so students share the work of programming and representation.

For more information, email GSAE at gsae.ucla@gmail.com.

GSAE Board Member

Responsible for coordinating with committee representatives, division representatives and organizing student events. Attends Graduate Student Association meetings – Student Interest Board meetings, GSA Appointment Board meetings and GSA Forum meetings. GSA Board members coordinate GSAE elections, GSAE meetings and Education meetings. One-year commitment.


Student Division or Program Representative

Generally each division has two representatives. The representatives are responsible for handling student concerns and bringing these issues to light at GSAE meetings. Division representatives are responsible for attending division faculty meetings that take place once a month, usually on Thursdays and attending one forum meeting per quarter. One year commitment.


CDAS Representative

The Committee on Degrees and Academic Standards meets once a month (usually the first Wednesday of each month) for 2 hours. Each academic program is represented on the committee. Issues center on reviewing degree requirements (i.e. qualifying exams, tier 2 methods courses), creating or revising courses, and reviewing programs. Student voice is essential on issues and active participation creates an opportunity to initiate change in the school. This is usually a two-year commitment.


FEC Representative

The Faculty Executive Committee meets once a month to advise the Dean regarding school affairs and administrative decisions.  Faculty representatives from the Education Department and the Information Studies Department serve on this committee along with student representatives from both departments. The key task of the FEC is to establish a budget proposal to be presented to the Chancellor’s office but additional tasks include writing the strategic plan for the school and creating task groups to discuss particular issues (i.e. a ‘space’ committee was created during the 1999-2000 year and past years have seen the Educational Technology Unit and the Office of Student Services review committees). This committee provides the student representative an opportunity to see the inner workings of the administration at the school level.