Fellowships and Endowments

Providing graduate fellowship assistance is one of UCLA Ed&IS top priorities. To support UCLA Ed&IS scholarship initiatives, you can create a new endowed or current expenditure scholarship, or contribute to an existing scholarship fund. Endowed fellowships begin at $100,000. The Graduate School has over 110 fellowships and scholarships that it awards. Every year we honor the donors and the recipients of these awards at our Annual Dean’s Scholars Awards Dinner.

Donor Profiles

 Ken Karmiole ’71 is a graduate of Library Science and the owner of Kenneth Karmiole Bookseller in Santa Monica and internationally known in the rare book world. “I established the Karmiole Fellowship because the Information Studies program provides a comprehensive education that allows students to obtain an extensive understanding of a specialized field, such as rare book librarianship, which is my personal area of interest. Fellowship funding is essential to attracting and retaining the best students and I am proud to help play a role in that process.”

 Rose Gilbert ’40 has taught full-time since 1956. In 2007, at age 90 she was the oldest full-time teacher in LAUSD and perhaps the nation. Her passion for teaching has changed the lives of thousands of students, creating a lasting love of literature and learning for almost 50 years. In 2007, Rose created another lasting legacy by establishing the Rose Gilbert Teacher Education Endowed Fellowship. Thanks to Rose’s generous spirit of giving, each year a graduate student in UCLA’s Teacher Education Program will be selected as the Rose Gilbert Fellow and will receive an award to help pay for the costs of his/her teacher preparation and Master’s degree program here at UCLA.


From Our Fellowship Recipients

“Pursuing my degree is about second chances and opening new avenues, while also making the most of enhancing all I have learned from so many years of schooling. I could not have turned around my options without the fellowship support I received.”

David Fearon, Lawrence Clark Powell Fellowship Recipient

“The fellowship I received makes the program possible for me in real terms. The Information Studies Doctoral Program will allow me to advance my academic and professional vocations and will help me to pursue my intellectual growth in the field. This fellowship will enable me to turn both my passion for this work and the generosity that has been shown me towards others through my intended teaching and research career.”

Jason Hewitt, David Vickter Foundation Fellowship Recipient

“The generosity of my fellowship donor provides much needed financial relief, which allows me to focus on successfully completing my degree. This puts me one step closer towards achieving my goal of becoming an educator and providing high quality education for all students.”

Ruby Huerta, Judith F. Levin Fellowship Recipient

“I am greatly honored to be a fellowship recipient. This fellowship gives me the opportunity to focus even more on my studies and to uphold the values of its benefactor. I can truly say that this fellowship has been life changing.”

Nicole Kam, Marjorie Sether Mardellis Fellowship Recipient

“The opportunity to pursue my doctoral degree impacts my life, my family and the academic community which I am committed to serving. The impact of my fellowship is immeasurable, as it provides me with access to academic resources and a world-class education.”

Sylvia Ruiz, Helen and Alexander Astin Fellowship Recipient

“When applying for graduate school, I was not sure if I would be able to attend due to the expense. I am extremely grateful to have been chosen as a fellowship recipient and I know the fellowship will help me tremendously as I pursue my degree.”

Naomi Pena, Madeline Hunter Fellowship Recipient


UCLA began as a Teacher’s College in 1882, and we have been shaping and molding the knowledge sector in this country ever since. We develop future generations of scholars, teachers, information professionals, and institutional leaders. Our work is guided by the principles of individual responsibility and social justice, an ethic of caring, and commitment to the communities we serve.


Prepares students to be leaders in education research, policy and practice.


Seeks to define, study and evaluate interactions among people, information and information technology in a way that promotes equity, diversity, accountability and intellectual openness.


Groundbreaking research is more than a concept at Ed & IS — it’s a plan of action. Our nationally renowned research centers and institutes are doing fundamental work on what matters most in education and information studies in the 21st century: the discovery and application of usable knowledge at the crossroads of policy and practice.


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How to Give

You may choose from a number of options for making your gift. Learn more about ways to make a donation that works best for you.

Credit and Debit Cards: Donors may elect to make a gift via a charge to a credit or debit card. Cards accepted for donations include VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Make a secure credit or debit card gift online now. (For gifts under $50,000.)

Cash and Checks: Gifts of cash made to the UCLA Ed&IS through the UCLA Foundation or UC Regents are equally tax-deductible and are used for the purposes specified by the donor. Make check payable to UCLA Foundation and send to:
External Relations Office – UCLA Ed&IS
2043 Moore Hall
PO Box 951521
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521

Download a giving form to fill out and mail it in. Click here.

Electronic Funds Transfer: Monthly payments via electronic funds transfer may be arranged through a donor’s financial institution and the UCLA Foundation.

Wire Transfer: Wire transfers are most commonly used for gifts made from outside the United States. Financial institutions provide minimal information on wire transfers, so to ensure proper disposition of the gifts, donors should alert the University that a wire transfer has been made by notifying the UCLA Ed&IS External Relations Office at (310) 206-0375.

Securities: Financial institutions provide minimal information on securities transfers, so to ensure proper disposition of the gifts, donors should alert the UCLA Ed&IS External Relations Office that a securities transfer has been made. Gifts of securities are recorded based on the mean market value of the stock, bond, or mutual fund on the date of gift, which is determined by the date the donor relinquishes control of the asset. Please contact the securities coordinator for the UCLA Foundation at (310) 794-3434 for more information and for detailed transfer instructions.


Additional Gift Options

Employer Matching Gifts: Employer matching gifts can double or triple your gift…and you can receive full credit for the total amount of the donation for the purposes of recognition and benefits. Hundreds of companies currently match the gifts of their employees or employees’ spouses to UCLA. Participating employers are specially recognized on the School’s Honor Roll. To find out if your or your spouse’s employer matches gifts, you may check our database before making your donation. You can request and fill in a matching gift form from your company (often through the human resources office) and mail in or fax the form to the UCLA Ed&IS External Relations office.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts: Honorary gifts commemorate a significant event or someone who is still living. Alumni frequently make gifts to honor a faculty member at Ed&IS. A memorial gift can help perpetuate the values and ideals that guided someone’s life. Families of those so honored will be notified of your gift, but the amount of the gift is not disclosed. If you are interested in making a memorial or honorary gift, please make sure to provide the appropriate information when you make or submit your gift.

Gifts of Real Estate and Materials: Real property, either in its entirety or in part, can be deeded to The UCLA Foundation to benefit the University. For residential properties, it is possible to arrange a sizable tax deduction by deeding a home to UCLA, while continuing to occupy the property for life. The UCLA Ed&IS gratefully accepts donations of materials that support its academic, teaching and research mission. The University receives a wide variety of such gifts, including rare books and manuscripts, works of art, equipment and other items of value. If you are interested in making a gift of real estate or materials, please contact the UCLA Ed&IS External Relations Office at (310) 206-0375.